Life is full of changes, challenges and unexpected occurrences.

    But we’ve got the information you need from birth to the end to help you through the process.

    WHN TIP – Be safe, be smart and be prepared!

  • Mobility Issues? Here’s How to Make Your House Safer

    Are you or a family member dealing with unexpected mobility problem from an injury, stroke, aging or other cause? Here are some basic improvements that will make your home safer and easier to navigate under the circumstances. WHN TIP – Hire an Expert. While some of the changes can be done by a homeowner, others […]

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  • Budget-Saving Wedding Advice from Brides-To-Be

    Planning your big day? Congratulations! But when you’re faced with all those decisions – flowers, food, decorations – your excitement can quickly turn to fear as you start adding up the costs. Never fear – What Happens Now has come to your rescue with some tips from soon-to-be brides. Watch the video below and learn […]

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  • Finding a Geriatric Caregiver

    If the time has come for you to find a caregiver for your aging relative, Shelly Sun, founder and CEO of BrightStar Care (a national caregiving franchise) has the following recommendations: Start with the Basics Begin your search with the fundamentals every provider must have: Insurance Licensing from the state in which the caregivers serve […]

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  • Red Cross Babysitter Training Program

    Our editor, Marta, had her first babysitting job was when she was 11. She babysat for the neighbors across the street, keeping an eye on their new baby while she napped. She has memories of feeling very adult, yet very nervous, because she didn’t really have any experience with babysitting or newborns. Thankfully (for everyone […]

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  • Child-Proofing Tips: 5 Steps to a Safer Home for Little Ones

    Kids are naturally curious and it’s up to us to keep them out of harm’s way. April 29 is Safe Kids Day, created by Safe Kids Worldwide, but don’t wait until that date to make the changes to keep your little ones safe. Also, download the free RedCross first aid mobile app – just in […]

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  • Create a Pet Travel Kit

    Heading out with your favorite animal traveling companion? Make the journey easier for both of you by assembling a pet travel kit, with these tips from The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other pet experts. (More HSUS travel tips here.) WHN TIP Perfect for Emergencies Your pet travel kit can also be used […]

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  • Pets Resources, Associations and Organizations

    Searching for information about pet organizations and associations? Need pet-oriented advice to keep Fluffy and Fido safe and healthy? The following links can help you and your pet. American Animal Hospital Association The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is the accrediting body for companion animal hospitals in the United States and Canada. The site has […]

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  • First Aid Tips for Pets

    Our animal companions may be smart, but they can still get hurt or gain access to items that might hurt them. As a pet owner, you should know some basic first aid tips to take if your pet is injured or ill. Since April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to […]

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  • 5 Sites for Childcare Options

    Looking for resources for your childcare search? The following sites offer childcare information as well as other useful information. — Child Care / Day Care Ever wish you had a Day Care Directory – or, a list of the nearest available babysitters? Now you do! Enter your zip code and find what is available […]

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  • What’s The Right Choice for You? Options for Higher Education

    Not sure if a traditional four-year university is right for you—or your wallet? Looking for some other options that will help you achieve your career choice yet fit with other obligations you may have? Here’s an overview of the options of higher education for your consideration. Traditional University and College Traditional colleges and universities offer […]

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