Doctor Visit? Get Prepared

by Paul Konrardy

Be a prepared patient – bring the information the doctor will need and be ready to take notes during the visit. Don’t rely on your memory!

What to Bring

  • Your Medical History Data Sheet that lists your allergies, health conditions and medications. (Tips at 4 Areas To Cover in Your Medical History Data Sheet.) Download the free My Personal Medication Record pdf from the AARP  in English or Spanish. Complete one form for each family member, and update as needed.)
  • Your family’s medical history to provide the doctor with important background information. (Read 3 FAQs About Creating a Family Medical History.)
  • All OTC and prescription medications that you take regularly.
  • Your driver’s license or other photo I.D., insurance, Medicare or Medicaid card(s). Check your insurance policy or talk to your agent about co-pays.
  • A list of any symptoms or health problems you’re having, along with copies of any diagnostic reports, tests, and surgical reports.
  • Major life changes? Share them with your doctor as well to provide a complete picture of your current lifestyle.
  • Contact information for any other healthcare providers you are seeing.

WHN TIP – Medical Appointment Information Form: Download our Medical Appointment Tracking Form to bring with you to the visit. (You’ll need Acrobat Reader. It’s FREE.)

Before You Leave the Office

  • Make sure you have complete details about any tests or medication the doctor has ordered.
  • Ask when you need to return for a follow-up visit.
  • Diagnosis or need for surgery or other treatment? Ask about getting a second opinion. (Read 5 FAQs About Getting a Second Opinion for more advice.)

For more information, read What to Do Before, During and After Your Doctor Visit.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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