How to Register Your Bike

by Paul Konrardy

There are several ways to register your bike. Choose one or all of the following:

Self-register your bike

  • Take a good picture of your bike. On the back, put your bike’s make, model and license or registration, serial number and any distinguishing features. Store in a safe place at home – not on your bike!
  • Keep copies of all warranties, manuals, receipts and other documents. Put them all in a folder and store this information in a safe place either at home or at work.

Register your bike with local police, if you can.

  • The police may be able to recover bikes quickly if they are registered in advance and have the appropriate information including make, model, color and serial number.

WHN TIP – Proof of Ownership: Register your bike – there’s a better chance you’ll get it back if it is recovered by the police. Usually, police will not give you back your bike unless they have proof that it belongs to you. In addition, it helps the police identify and locate the proper owner.

Register your bike with the manufacturer

  • Some companies offer online warranty registration, which can also function as a written record in case your bike is stolen.

You can also register your bike with Project 529, which has merged with the National Bike Registry (NBR). Registration with Project 529 is completely free with a free lifetime registration. Already registered with the NBR?

  • Update your registration information (now on Project 529). To access your account, opt-in on the new site, and create a 529 Garage password. You can then use the 529 Garage website or smartphone app to access and update your bike data.

WHN TIP – Get It Together: Prepare a Master Information Box which contains copies of important documents and records, photos and contact information.

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