Get Help With Medical Visits

by Paul Konrardy

If you’re seeking medical help, chances are you are already a bit stressed. We’ve made it easy for you by compiling information so you are ready to answer questions.

First things first.

Bring all necessary paperwork (medical cards, list of medications and health conditions, emergency contact) to make it easier to answer questions.

WHN TIP – Plan Ahead: If you think you might be admitted to the hospital, bring your healthcare power of attorney and living will.

Heading to the doctor?

Our Get Prepared – Doctor Visit section will help you know what to bring.

WHN TIP – Pack Your Pills: Don’t rely on a handwritten list. Bring the actual pills bottles – both prescription and OTC – of any meds you take on a regular basis.

Bring someone with you (friend or family member) if this is anything other than a routine visit to take notes and serve as a support person.

Make a list of your symptoms, problems and health questions.

WHN TIP – Bring the Form: Download and print out our Medical Appointment Tracking Form to take with you to the visit. (You’ll need Acrobat Reader. It’s FREE.)

For more tips, read our What to Do Before, During and After Your Doctor Visit article.

Going to the emergency room?

Read our 9 Things to Expect at the ER article so you’ll know the drill before you arrive!

Think you might be admitted?

Our Going to the Hospital and Preparing for a Hospital Stay: 7 Expert Tips will provide you with more information to make your stay easier.

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