Car Travel Problems When On The Road? Tips to Get Help

by Paul Konrardy

Car Trouble

  1. Stop at the nearest rest stop or pull over to the extreme right at the nearest convenience.
  2. Turn on your hazard lights.
  3. Be safe, be smart. Get out of the car if you can.
    • Be careful when exiting your car and stay away from the roadway.
    • Also, do not stand in front of the car – it could be struck from behind.
  4. If it is safe to do so, lift up the hood of your vehicle and leave it open. This will symbolize to other drivers that you’re in distress.
    • Also, tie a brightly-colored cloth (should be in your car emergency kit) to your car’s antenna, door handle or mirror to signal distress.
  5. Try to determine your location. What was the last landmark you passed? Mile marker? Which direction are you heading? Ask the other people traveling with you to help.
  6. Use your cell phone to call AAA or OnStar if you are a member, or call the operator or dial 4-1-1 for directory assistance.
  7. Your cell phone company might also have roadside assistance – call this number if you are a member.
  8. If your car is a rental car, call the rental car company. Usually, there will be a manual or information packet in the side door or glove compartment – their main assistance number should be included with that information.

WHN TIP – Stay: Police officers advise to stay with your vehicle – don’t leave to try to get help. Also, if someone stops to offer to help, ask them to call for assistance for you, if you haven’t called already.

Car Accident

Lost or Stranded?

  • Stop at the nearest rest stop and ask someone for directions or consider purchasing a map.
  • If you have OnStar or are an AAA member, you can call these services for assistance.

WHN TIP – Search Function: Know someone who might be near a computer with Internet access? Give them a call and have them look up your location online. They then can give you directions over the phone.

Stolen Items

Had something stolen? Read our articles under the Theft section for what to do.

Car Sickness

  • Stop at the nearest rest stop or pull over to the extreme right at the nearest convenience.
  • Turn on your hazard lights.
  • Open a window – fresh air can help.
  • Have the sick individual sit towards the front (if they’re old enough).
  • Make sure they can look out the window.
  • Some individuals might experience motion sickness while focusing on other things while riding in the car (reading, games, TV, etc.) – taking a break
    might help.

Remember …

The information provided here is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. These tips are from doctors, nurses and people who have shared real-life advice; always check with a doctor or appropriate professional you trust before making any healthcare-related decisions.

Thank You …

A special thank you to the industry professionals, travel agents and travelers who gave us their time, insight and real-life advice.

Photo Credit: Attapon Thana

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