Getting Ready for a Car Trip? Best Practices to Follow

by Paul Konrardy

Getting ready for a car trip? Be prepared to make sure it’s fun!

Check your vehicle

Send your car in for any routine maintenance.

Make sure your spare tire has air and is road-worthy.

Put the essentials in your car. Read our Create an Emergency Kit for Your Car article to know what to include.

Check your destination.

Verify directions to your destination, including any possible detours or roadwork.

Print out the directions just in case your GPS guide fails. (You could hit a stretch where there’s no signal!)

Verify your reservation, including the option for late check-in, in case there’s a delay on the way.

Check for passenger needs.

Have a change of clothing for the young kids in case of accidents.

Pack a roll of toilet paper and paper towel as well as wet wipes just in case.

Pack some snacks and drinks, and trash bags for the used items.

Also, download the free RedCross first aid mobile app – just in case!

Bringing a pet? Bring water and food as well as bowls and any other necessities to keep them safe and happy.

Photo Credit: pasja1000

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