5 Steps to Prepare for Divorce

by Susan Evans

Ending a relationship is never easy. But there are things you can do to keep the process as smooth as possible, such as these five steps recommended by Jonathan Fogel of Fogel Law Offices, a Minnesota attorney with extensive experience handling divorces and author of Preparing for Divorce While Happily Married; Tips from a Divorce Lawyer.

1. Protect Your Children.

Think of your children first. Schedule meetings to discuss the divorce with your spouse outside of the household and seek a family therapist to help the children through the process.

2. Organize Your Financials.

Make copies of past tax statements, bank statements, etc. and keep that file outside the house. Sever joint bank accounts and don’t overspend!

3. Organize Non-Monetary Assets.

This means taking an inventory of family heirlooms that have been handed down. Look for that wedding gift list!

4. Educate Yourself.

Find an attorney who specializes in family law and preferably has a network of individuals to get you and your family through this process including therapists, accountants, insurance agents, etc.

5. Take Care of Yourself.

This is an extremely stressful time for all involved and it is important to find a support network you can trust to lean on throughout the process.


The information here is not meant to be a substitute for legal advice, please consult with trusted legal counsel.

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