Red Cross Babysitter Training Program

by Paul Konrardy

A member of our WhatHappensNow editorial team had her first babysitting job was when she was 11. She babysat for the neighbors across the street, keeping an eye on their new baby while she napped.

She has memories of feeling very adult, yet very nervous, because she didn’t really have any experience with babysitting or newborns.

Thankfully (for everyone involved!), she decided to take a Red Cross babysitting course at the local hospital. She did CPR on a tiny plastic baby and learned about the best way to stop a nosebleed. Luckily, for all those inexperienced (and experienced) young adult babysitters, these classes are still offered today.

We spoke with Courtney Johnson, from the Twin Cities Area Chapter of the American Red Cross, about the program and the skills young adult babysitters can learn by attending the classes.

Listen here:

Thanks, Courtney!

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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