Seven Top Travel Planning Tips

by Paul Konrardy

7 Top Travel Planning Tips

Here are a few quick tips to help you plan your next vacation:

1. Get organized. Gather all your travel-related information into one place: a file folder or online file. This will allow you to find everything you need easier and faster

2. Ask for advice. Share your travel destination with friends and family, and ask for any suggestions or ideas. If they have traveled to that location, they may know of unusual or unique locales to visit or give you other travel tips.

3. Visiting a friend? Ask for information about public transport, airline shuttles, baggage claim secrets or other useful advice.

4. Request discounts. When booking a hotel or rental car, be sure to ask about discount rates and membership deals (Diner’s Club, AAA, frequent flyers, credit card rewards, etc.).

WHN Expert TIP – Read Local Newspapers: It’s a great way to find out about the latest restaurant reviews and what’s going on around town.

5. Search online. Visit your destination’s travel and tourism bureau web site to learn more about your destination. Tourism sites will often have a list of suggested events, attractions, hotel recommendations and so on.

WHN Expert TIP – Get Your Info Early: Some tourism bureaus have an information pack they can mail to you. These can include info guides, maps, coupons and event calendars. Be sure to request yours early since it may take a few weeks to arrive.

6. Make a list. Add restaurants and any must-see attractions (museums, parks, stores, tours, etc.) you’d like to visit to your trip file. Include the website, physical address, phone number and hours and days of operation, as well as any admission cost or other important details.

WHN Staff TIP – Make It A Learning Experience: If you need to learn a new language for your trip you can also check out language phrasebooks, dictionaries and audio lessons at the library. You can also download free language podcasts from a podcast directory like iTunes.

7. Pack smart. Use our Travel Packing Checklist so you know what you brought along in case you have to file a claim. It will also help you to remember to pack those extra items (batteries, extra film, travel-size shampoo, etc.) before you need to head to the airport or hit the road. Add items or subtract items depending on the weather conditions at your destination and depending on the length of your trip.

WHN Staff Tip – A Copy For Family or Friend: Make a copy of your travel details and leave with a friend or family so they can contact you in the event of the emergency.

WHN TIP – Check Health Notices: Going out of the country? Then check the CDC’s Travel Health Notices page to learn about current health issues related to specific international destinations. 


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