Quick Resources for Hurricane Recovery

by Susan Evans

Our thoughts go out to everyone impacted and recovering from Hurricane Ida. Below are articles with advice from hurricane survivors – including folks from Hurricane Katrina. If you need this info – or know someone who might – share the links.

  1. Lessons from Katrina
    • This includes an interview with a jazz pianist who got through Katrina and has advice on how to document what was lost during the storm.
  2. Six Steps to Applying for FEMA Assistance
    1. Good ideas for working with FEMA – including how to identify an inspector, appealing unfavorable decisions, and how to use FEMA funds you may receive.
  3. Four Steps to Rebuilding and Renovating a Damaged Home
    1. Lots of info to review here – rebuilding factors, estimates, contractors, and more – and ideas of how to manage your expectations for timing, money and more.
  4. Handy Checklist
    1. Records Recovery: A list of critical records you’ll need as part of your recovery. This can be printed in case power is in short supply.

Check out our natural disaster section – loads of advice from real folks around the country who have lived through disasters and are sharing what they’ve learned.

Photo by John Middelkoop on Unsplash

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