5 Tips for Displaying Your House Number

by Susan Evans

In a crisis, you want emergency personnel to be able to locate your house. But they can’t do that if they can’t see your house number!

Improve your odds with these five tips!

  1. Do front door first. The best place for your house number is near the front door, at or slightly above eye level and lit by a light.
  2. Add curb numbering. Paint your house number on the curb close to your driveway. Some cities offer a program to paint your house number on the curb for a small fee. Ask your city or county administration officials about this option.
  3. Consider garage and/or lap post location. Another great spot is over your garage door or hanging from the lamp post in your front year.
  4. Do mailbox numbers correctly. On the box, your house number should face the oncoming traffic side of the street. Choose or add reflective tape on top of the numbers to make sure it’s visible.
  5. Check visibility. Road-test your numbers. Are they large enough? Visible at dusk or night-time? Not obscured by plants or structures?

WHN TIP – “Well, that was a ‘fine’ choice!” Some municipalities may fine you if emergency services are delayed because they can’t find your home! Check with your city’s administration to find out about laws in your area and how the numbers should be displayed.

Photo Credit: Florencia Viadana

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