7 Fast Bicycle Maintenance Tips

by Susan Evans

Keep your bike up to date on repairs – just like you would with your car. Talk with your local bike shop technician to get maintenance tips specifically for your bike.

Monthly Maintenance (more if you ride frequently)

  1. Rinse and clean off dirt and debris with a washcloth and water first.
  2. Use a citrus-based chain cleaner and a wire brush to clean heavy grease off the chain.
  3. Lube the chain.
  4. Check brake pads for wear and cables for kinks, rust, lube.
  5. Make sure the saddle is tightly bolted to post.
  6. Check the condition of rims, tires and brake pads, and replace if necessary.
  7. Give the bike a complete once-over, checking for loose or damaged parts.

Annual Maintenance

  1. Consider replacing cables and housings.
  2. Check derailleurs and brakes for loose or sloppy action.
  3. If your bike is ridden frequently, consider having it inspected and maintained by a professional.

For More Information

Biking Destinations
This commercial site has good info on mountain bike cleaning. A site serving Southern California, this commercial web page offers trail information and the option to purchase biking accessories online.

League of American Bicyclists
The ABC quick safety check is a helpful routine to follow for repair, maintenance and before heading out on a ride. The League of American Bicyclists, with a current membership of 300,000 affiliated cyclists, including 40,000 individuals and 600 affiliated organizations, works to bring better community-level bicycling.

Time Outdoors: Expert Advice
A range of advice for all kinds of cyclists. Based in the UK, Time Outdoors aims to provide the most comprehensive resource for outdoor sports and activities enthusiasts.

Photo Credit: Upsplash

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