6 Winter Biking Tips

by Susan Evans

Brave enough to venture out in the cold, slush, sleet and snow? Be safe, be smart! Follow these basic winter biking tips.

  1. Choose Aluminum Rims
    • When wet, brake pads grip aluminum rims better than they do steel.
  2. Pick Fat Tires
    • Fat tires have better traction. Tires less than 1 1/4″ wide work better on wet streets when under-inflated. Use tires with a deep tread pattern.
  3. Avoid Salt Damage
    • With lots of winter riding, occasionally wipe your frame, rims, spokes and derailleurs, and lube your chain. Use a toothbrush for hard-to-reach parts.
  4. Add Fenders
    • They beat almost anything to keep you dry on wet pavement. The newest plastic ones are inexpensive and light but can break if installed wrong.
  5. Prevent Bearing Damage
    • After biking in wet weather put your bike indoors so bearings can dry.
  6. Clean Brakes Post-Ride
    • Grime builds up on brake pads, making them squeak or scratch your rims. Run a rag between each pad and the rim, like shining a shoe. Occasionally remove the wheel and check pads for wear.

Photo Credit: Upsplash

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