6 Tips for Writing and Posting a Birth Announcement

by Susan Evans

Tips on writing or designing birth announcements for online posting, submission to a newspaper, or for your announcement cards.

Consider providing:

  1. Hospital (include city and state) where baby was born.
  2. Parents
    • Mother’s name (Last, First, Middle Initial)
    • Father’s name (Last, First, Middle Initial)
    • Residence(s) (city/state)
  3. Baby’s name (Last, First, Middle Initial)
    • Gender: male or female
    • Date of Birth
    • Time of birth a.m. / p.m. (circle one)
    • Length (inches)
    • Weight (pounds) (ounces)
    • Is this the first child in the family?
  4. Family
    • Brothers and sisters (first names and ages)
    • Mother’s parents’ name (include city and state)
    • Father’s parents’ name (include city and state)
    • Great-grandparents name (include city and state)

For traditional newspapers, you may be asked to provide:

  1. Signatures
    • A parent or legal guardian signature and date
  2. Questions to ask the newspaper(s) you’re putting the announcement in:
    1. Is it free?
    2. Is it charged by the line?
    3. How much per line?
    4. On average, how many words are there per line?
    5. Is there a charge for photos?
    6. How is that charged?
    7. Are announcements included on the paper’s website? If so, is that free? If not, how much?
    8. Will this be posted online? Will that cost anything extra?
    9. If there is a fee, will you accept a credit card number over the phone?


Photo credit: Unsplash

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