Need to buy insurance but not sure what to get?

We’ve got the info to keep you covered!

Whether you’re driving on two wheels or four, renting an apartment or buying a home, going on a trip, getting married, or getting health insurance, we’ve got the information you need to help make the right decision.

  • Buying a home or moving into an apartment? Make sure your “home sweet home” — as well as its contents — has enough just-in-case coverage!
  • Taking a trip or planning an event? The right insurance can help offset the financial hit when things don’t go as planned!
  • Buying a car or a motorcycle?  Know your state’s insurance laws and what kind of coverage will take care of you, your passengers and your vehicle — as well as the other driver!
  • Considering buying life or health insurance? It’s not always easy to figure out the right kind to get to protect you and your loved ones, plus plan for life events down the road.

The more you know, the more protected you’ll be!

Check the categories to the right for useful tips on buying the right type of coverage — and what to do when you need to file a claim.

WHN TIP – Be safe, be smart and be prepared!