5 Tips for Choosing a Casket

by Susan Evans

The casket holds the body for burial or cremation. Here are five tips for choosing a casket for your loved one.

  1. If there were no wishes for a certain type of casket, have a friend compare casket pricing from sources outside the funeral home.
  2. When choosing a casket, ask the salesperson to show you a list of options and prices before showing you the caskets.
  3. Know that the prices for caskets will vary widely depending on the material (metal, hardwood, semi-precious metals, fiberglass, plastics, steel, copper, bronze or wood), but all should come with a written warranty.
  4. Average casket prices are $2,000 and can rise to more than $10,000, with costs varying depending upon accessories and features.
  5. Know that a funeral home cannot
    • charge you a fee for using a casket purchased elsewhere through an alternate source.
    • require that a family member is present for the casket delivery.
    • can make funeral services contingent on purchasing a casket or outer container.

Photo Credit: Rhodi Lopez

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