Car Travel During a Pandemic

by Camille

If you’re planning a road trip during the pandemic, know that as the Delta variant moves across the United States it’s a good idea to take precautions. Even if you’re vaccinated against COVID-19, you can still fall ill or spread the virus if unvaccinated people transmit the virus to you. So, while traveling by car – be safe, not sorry. Here is a quick starter list of cleaning essentials to bring with you – consider a handy travel box to put these in:

  1. Hand wipes and cleaning wipes that eradicate viruses (not just bacteria).
  2. Hand sanitizer.
  3. Extra masks.
  4. Paper towels or napkins.
  5. Anti-viral spray.
  6. Bottle of isopropyl.
  7. Vinyl or plastic gloves

Most motel and hotel rooms are being sanitized before new guests arrive and check in. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to spray your way into your room using your anti-viral cleaner, a bottle of isopropyl, or other alcohol. Start with the door handle, then enter the room spraying every surface. Let it dry and you bring in your luggage.

More ‘tested-in-real-life’ tips include:

  1. Use the plastic bag at the bottom of the wastebasket as a sheath for the tv remote. Slip it into the plastic bag and you’ll be protected from anything buried deep between the buttons (ew!).
  2. During the first phase of the pandemic, when hand sanitizers and anti-viral wipes were hard to come by, we purchased a bottle of 100 proof alcohol, put it in a spray bottle, marked it “Hand Sanitizer” and used that.

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