5 Tips to Help Enjoy Your Cruise While at Sea

by Susan Evans

All aboard! Here are several helpful tips we’ve received from past cruise travelers.

Dining and Entertainment

  1. Remember that some larger cruise lines have dress codes for certain areas of the ship, including restaurants. Check your ship’s bulletin for instructions
  2. If you haven’t already, you should receive your assigned seating times for dinner. Talk to the maître d’ if there are any problems with your assignment.
  3. Food is usually available 24 hours a day so you can always eat at other times if necessary.

WHN Reader TIP – It’s Show Time! “Don’t miss the nightly entertainment on board. From comedians to ice skaters, song and dance revues and parades, there’s plenty to enjoy and you’re missing out if you don’t see at least one of the shows.” Melissa, New York, NY


  1. Cell phone service and range are usually limited aboard cruise ships. They will have phones on board for you to use but these tend to be very expensive.
  2. Internet service is also limited and might also be very expensive.

Tipping and Getting to Know the Staff

  1. Get to know the names of the crew and staff. This will be helpful if you need help with anything.

WHN Reader TIP – Tips for Tipping: “Tip a few very important people on the first day. Although they suggest you tip at the end of the cruise in a bulk sum, I suggest tipping your steward, your waiter and room attendant a nice token tip on day one. It tells them you already appreciate them and your many requests will become their pleasure, instead of their pain. It does make a difference, even if you end up tipping them a little more.”   Diana, Fremont, CA

Shore Excursions

  1. Take care when leaving the boat and heading on to shore. You might need time to adjust to your sea legs!
  2. Pay attention to the time. You’ll need to get back to the boat on time so they don’t leave without you.

The Last Night

  1. On the larger cruise lines, you’ll receive a final bill on the last evening of your cruise. This will include the total of all the charges made using your “mock” charge card while on board. It also might include gratuities and other fees and services. If you have any questions about charges, talk to the cruise line’s purser or other personnel.
  2. Larger lines require you to pack your bags the night or morning before you disembark and place them outside of your stateroom to be collected. Utilize your carry-on again for toiletries and any remaining items.

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