6 Tips for Preventing Wedding Disasters

Life-Wedding - tips for preventing wedding disasters

Learn how to handle a big wedding emergency BEFORE it happens! Top tips from brides, florists and wedding planners from across the country:

  1. Don’t create an unnecessary emergency! “I know we have a lot of brides who [buy] a size or two smaller because [they think] ‘I’m going to lose weight’,” says Megan Nolde, lead wedding consultant for OurWeddingDay.com. “Don’t do that! It’s cheaper to try to take it in than to take it out.”
  2. Take time when choosing the right vendors. “When an emergency happens (I’m not thinking 911 here) – don’t panic,” says Amy Child Marella, owner of the Hidden Garden in Los Angeles and the contributing floral/wedding expert for Inside Weddings and Better TV. “As long as you have hired competent vendors, they will handle the problem and 9 times out of 10 the bride/groom won’t even know that something happened (if you have the right vendors).”
  3. Mention your top priorities to the wedding planner. “I had a wedding where the cake was the most important thing,” says Samantha Goldberg, Wedding Event Designer based in NY-NJ and a regular featured host/planner on the Style Network’s “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway” and “Married Away”. “The maid of honor called me and said the cake is falling apart. But we made it work.” Let the planner know which areas of the wedding are most important to you for your big day so they can be sure to pay extra attention to make sure things run smoothly.
  4. Have extra people to help. “On your wedding day, if you ask someone for help, it really helps you because you don’t want to worry about getting cards in alphabetical order. This way you can really relax and enjoy the day,” says Nolde.
  5. Try to keep the bride calm. “The bride is already stressed,” says Nolde. “If something does go wrong, try to converse in a different room. Stay calm. If you make it a big deal, she’s gonna get panicky. Help out wherever you can. Chances are it’s not a big deal and can be solved.”
  6. There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding. “Perfect is a perception. What’s my perfect might not be your perfect,” says Goldberg. “Remember it’s just ONE day. Don’t worry about it going wrong – if the day goes wrong, it’s not a sign for a destroyed marriage.”

WHN TIP – Don’t Let an Emergency Stop Your Wedding! Prep a wedding day emergency kit that will meet just about every need. Learn how to make one for you and your groom by downloading these handy pdfs: Wedding Day Emergency Kit-Bride and Wedding Day Emergency Kit-Groom.

WHN TIP – Budget-Savers: Cut your costs with these money-saving tips from other brides:

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