3 Tips for Enjoying the College Roommate Experience

COLLEGE - dorm room Photo Credit: Fred Kleber

by Lauren, our college blogger

At some point in the spring of your senior year in high school, a packet comes in the mailbox. Inside is a roommate form.

You specify what your cleaning and studying habits are, your interests and whether you are a morning or night person, among many other things.

These roommate forms get shipped back to the college or university and the magic happens: the person you will share a tiny dorm room for two semesters is determined.

For many people, figuring out how to live with another person can be the biggest challenge in freshman year. Learning how to deal with living with another person is a part of the college education, but there are ways to make it easier.

Go Random!

Know someone going to the same college as you? Try NOT to be roommates. Freshman year is an opportunity to immerse yourself in things outside of your comfort zone.

Rooming with best friends from high school can be dangerous because your best friend’s personality at home can be completely different once you’re in college.

Having a new person in your life can open you up to different experiences and opinions, and give you a great chance to reinvent yourself as well.

Be Honest

Honestly, not every roommate will be your best friend, or even what you would consider a friend. However, you both share a small space and need to make things work. If something is bothering you about your roommate or something he/she is doing, don’t be passive-aggressive. Be polite, but let your roomie know how you feel.

This way is the best way. As long as you can agree to be respectful, there should not be a problem. If there is a problem, let your RA know. Usually, there is a roommate switch within the first two weeks of school and even at the start of the second semester.

Embrace the Differences

Usually, college freshmen are not granted a roommate who is exactly the same as themselves. However, these differences can lead to a great thing. You can bond over learning about each other’s interests, social groups, among other things.

If social habits are completely different (or maybe too different!) do not hesitate to make rules about guest policies.

Photo Credit: Fred Kleber

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