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Below is a great DIY wedding day emergency kit list for him – thanks to many grooms (and brides) for their ideas.

It’s a big list, so pick and choose what makes sense.

Download our Wedding Day Emergency Kit-Groom, complete it and then give a copy to your best man. (Here’s our Wedding Day Emergency Kit-Bride, too.) (You’ll need Acrobat Reader.)


  1. Black socks (a few pairs)
  2. Brush/comb
  3. Cologne, travel size
  4. Corsage pins
  5. Extra shirt buttons
  6. Extra cufflinks (2-3 pairs)
  7. Handkerchiefs
  8. Iron
  9. Lint brush
  10. Sewing kit:
    • Buttons
    • Needle
    • Safety pins
    • Small scissors
    • Thread that matches the groom/groomsmen’s tuxes
  11. The TUX or SUIT!
  12. Ties
  13. Shoe polish that matches the groom/groomsmen’s shoes
  14. Shoes
  15. Other:_____________________


  1. Antacid
  2. Aspirin/ibuprofen
  3. Band-Aids (that best match your skin tone)
  4. Contact lens solution/cases
  5. Deodorant
  6. Eye drops
  7. Insect repellent (for outdoor ceremonies or events – be sure it smells nice!)
  8. Lotion
  9. Medications
  10. Mints
  11. Moist towelettes
  12. Mouthwash
  13. Sunscreen
  14. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  15. Tissues
  16. Washcloth or hand towel
  17. Other:_____________________


  1. Handkerchief for dabbing sweat
  2. Sunglasses (pre- and post-ceremony)

Just In Case

  1. Cash ($20 – you never know what you’ll need it for)
  2. Cell phone (remember to turn it off or on silent before the wedding)
  3. Driver’s license or photo I.D. card
  4. Duct tape (good for any handy repairs)
  5. Extra copies of directions to your reception
  6. Important phone numbers:
    • Family members
    • Wedding party
    • Wedding vendors
    • Taxi company
  7. Notebook and pens
  8. Portable flashlight
  9. Snacks/bottled water (granola bars, dried fruit, etc.)
  10. Umbrella
  11. Watch
  12. Other:_____________________

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