Gender Reveal Responsibly

In recent years, gender-reveal parties 1) have become a thing, and 2) some have escalated in audacity and danger. We’ve all seen the news detailing truly horrific and deadly disasters after explosive devices and smoke bombs were detonated at gender reveal parties. (And then there’s the initial idea to explode something near a pregnant woman….)

So how can creative, excited parents-to-be announce, surprise, and celebrate responsibly? Here are some thoughts:

  1. Get out the sweet treats. Brainstorm your favorite bakery items, dessert indulgences, or drinks (no alcohol for the mom-to-be) and incorporate them into your announcement. Cotton candy? Ice cream? Cupcakes? Muffins? Donuts? Bubblegum? Have the reveal baked right in. Your imagination is the limit.
  2. Let the paper confetti fly. Seek out compostable options or confetti with recycled or recyclable content. You can shoot the confetti from a device, or just throw it up in the air: How many are coming to your party? The more the merrier. Fill the sky above with some fun.
  3. Pop the balloon–or balloons. You can purchase a large balloon filled with colored confetti or powder, or get several smaller balloons. A great idea to get the older sibling involved: They get to deliver and pop the balloon.
  4. Gifting with little cousins. Make a number of gift bags for the kids of family and friends. Put the right-colored balloon inside (along with a couple of themed treats or toys) and let them do the reveal. All together now!
  5. Burst a pinata. Another one for the kids, although the adults might want to join in. Fill the pinata with colored confetti, toys, and treats (all of the same color), give everyone a bat, and let the fun begin. The one who bursts open the pinata gets a special prize, too.


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