After a Fire: 18 Questions You May Be Asked

After a fire, you may have a meeting or interview with a fire chief, fire marshal and/or arson investigator. The questions they ask will help the fire department decide the cause of the fire.

The cause of the fire may also impact your insurance claim.

WHN TIP – Get Some Advice: You may want to talk to your insurance agent or legal representative before the interview.

Possible Interview Questions

  1. Who was at home when the fire began?
  2. If no one was at home, when did the last person leave the home?
  3. What time did you return home?
  4. How long did you wait to call 9-1-1?
  5. Were there any electrical problems?
  6. Did the smoke detectors go off?
  7. Did the carbon monoxide detectors go off?
  8. Did any alarm or security devices go off?
  9. Was there lightning?
  10. Were the pets removed from the area after the fire?
  11. What valuables are still in your home?
  12. Does anyone in your household smoke?
  13. Was anyone smoking at the time of the fire?
  14. Was anyone using matches, lighters or candles?
  15. Were you cooking?
  16. What appliances were in use (dryer, oven, computer, etc.)?
  17. Had you been painting, staining or cleaning? (Rags can self-combust.)
  18. Is your home for sale?

Keep in mind you may be asked different or additional questions.

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