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  • Wildfire Resources and Organizations

    If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires, our list of agencies, organizations and websites will provide useful information to help you get through the aftermath of a wildfire event as well as offer advice and information to help prevent their occurrence. American Red Cross – Wildfire Safety This section has information […]

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  • Keep Your Focus on Safety This Summer

    June is National Safety Month. With that in mind, here are three areas where you can up your safety quotient. (Visit the NSC website for more information and downloadable resources.) Emergency Preparedness Whether caused by a natural disaster, health issue or an accident, emergencies can happen at any time. And even with 9-1-1, there’s still […]

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  • Hurricanes: Lessons from Katrina

    By Tom D’Antoni, guest columnist We know by now that the Katrina disaster was storm-driven, but the flood was caused by faulty levees. Since the water left town, the people in New Orleans have learned more than they wanted to know about dealing with insurance companies. Here are their stories. Choose the Right Insurance Jazz […]

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  • Flash Flooding: Preparation and Survival

    As pleasant as a rainfall can be, it can quickly turn into a dangerous flooding situation. Four Ways to Be Prepared Learn if your home or place of business is in a flood-prone area. Designate a meeting place ahead of time in case of evacuation and have essential survival items handy. Have an emergency plan […]

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  • When a Hurricane Watch or Warning Is Issued

    Hurricane season officially starts June 1. Here’s what to know and do when a hurricane watch or warning is issued. WHN TIP – Get the FEMA App: Download the free FEMA Alert App to get severe weather alerts, maps of disaster resources and other helpful information in case of natural disasters. Information is in English […]

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  • Hurricane Category Definitions

    Hurricane Preparedness Week starts the first week of May. Here’s information from the National Hurricane Center at the National Weather Service (NWS) and other sources about how hurricane categories are defined and what can of damage they can do. Both hurricanes and typhoons are tropical cyclones—a generic term used by meteorologists to describe a rotating, […]

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  • Storm Chasing 101

    If you’re interested in getting involved in storm chasing, storm-chaser Tony Perkins offers these top tips: Take a Skywarn training class. Most of these are free and offered through government agencies every spring. This will help you identify server weather correctly, report it, and most of all make you aware of your potentially dangerous surroundings. Educate […]

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  • Storm Chasing: A Real-Life Story

    Storm chasing isn’t always as thrilling as in the movies – no houses on their way to the land of Oz, no flying cows – but with patience, you can see some pretty amazing displays of weather wonder. Tony Perkins, a recreational storm chaser from Minnesota, shares his storm chasing experiences. Storm Chasing During the […]

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  • 6 Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

    With warm weather comes time for all those spring-cleaning chores to be completed.  These six tips will help your home recover from any damage and keep it safe and secure for the upcoming season. Inside 1. Change your furnace filter. Chances are, it’s time to check your filter. When a filter is dirty, it won’t purify […]

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  • Spring Floods — 5 Tasks to Do Now Before They Occur

    Spring heralds the arrival of warmer weather but it can also lead to spring floods. Here is what you need to know about spring floods from and National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). While flooding can occur at any time of the year, some areas such can be more at risk at certain times […]

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