What is this site?

WhatHappensNow is the only site in the country that takes the human experience, combines it with lots of life and mixes it up to find the best advice Americans have on this life we all lead.


Throw out the phrase “I wish I’d known that then….” – it’s so last century. We have advice from Americans, experts and professionals so you can pick and choose what works for you.


Divorcing? We have ideas you need to read about.


Car accident? We’ve got you covered.


Taking care of parents? Heading to the hospital? ID theft? Day care? Tornado? Hurricane? Marriage? Getting a dog?


Check. Check. Check. Check. And more checks….


We have seven categories, over 30 topics.


We have conducted thousands and thousands of interviews and conversations, researched every category, compiled life experiences and emails with professionals, experts and people around the country.


We then take the best of the best and publish it.


We figure at least 10 of these events will happen to you – so bookmark this site and you’ll never worry about the answer to “What happens now?”

How It Happened

I survived a beating and attempted rape. I had great support from family and friends and realized how lucky I was. Yet I also wanted to find advice from people who had lived through a life-changing experience.


Well, there wasn’t one, so I began getting the best advice on all parts of life and WhatHappensNow.com was born.


A heartfelt thank you to the professionals, experts and Americans who share their time, insight, ideas and ingenuity. (You’ll see great advice in WHN TIPS throughout the site.)


This site is updated daily with interviews, research, and the advice you email.


Bookmark the site (because you never know) and pass it on (because you’re a good friend).


Be safe and be smart,
Susan Evans

Susan (at) WhatHappensNow.com