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    Health / Life Be there for a friend or loved one in need – learn great tips at What Friends Do. Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) has resources you can use, from food safety to field safety, from physical to psychological, and from government to community development. Here’s a general link to help you find a Better […]

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  • Choosing And Preparing A Pet Crate

    Crates and carriers are necessities for pet travel – it makes it easier and safer for everyone involved. Also, crates and carriers are also required when flying with your pet so this article is written with air travel in mind. The following are general tips on buying and using a pet crate, but if you’re planning […]

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  • Voluntourism: Travel That Makes A Difference

    Voluntourism is the buzz word for volunteer tourism, a great way to experience volunteering on a whole new level! The term “voluntourism,” according to, was first used in 1998 by the Nevada Board of Tourism to recognize certain individuals that “volunteered” to support “tourism.” Twenty years later, voluntourism is indeed catching on: according to […]

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  • Tips for Traveling

    Not sure what to pack in your carry-on? Read What’s Allowed In Your Carry-On Luggage. WHN TIP – Make a Copy: Use our Travel-Packing Checklist when packing your bags, then keep the list separate from your bags. This will help if your luggage is lost and you have to file a claim. Do NOT put valuables in bags […]

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  • Keeping Your Home Safe While You Travel

    Here are some smart “insider tips” from industry professionals and everyday travelers we interviewed that cover the preparation of your home while you are on vacation. The House: Main Rooms Have a friend, family member or trusted neighbor check on your house. Give the person your house keys and security codes (if necessary). WHN TIP […]

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  • Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know

    Travel insurance is like other insurance: you may be reimbursed if the unexpected occurs. Talk to your insurance agent about what areas are covered under your current homeowners (or other insurance) policy before purchasing travel insurance. What is Travel Insurance? Travel insurance is similar to homeowners or car insurance. If a hurricane or blizzard prevents […]

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  • Car Theft —8 Prevention Tips While Traveling

    If you drive with your windows open, keep personal items off the seat and out of reach. Keep loose change in an enclosed change holder or an ashtray you can close. If you drive with the roof down or sunroof open, close them before parking. Shopping? Buy the most valuable items last, if possible, and […]

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  • After the Accident: Insurance Claims

    WHN TIP – Accident File: When you get home, make an “accident file”. This will include all of your notes, contact information, messages and other pertinent information. This can be an envelope, file folder, binder – whatever works best for you. At home, write down exactly what happened. Include all of the information you and witnesses […]

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  • Renting a Car

    We’ve talked with rental car agencies, car insurance agents, people who rent cars—and rented a few cars ourselves—to prepare this handy guide to help you through the rental car process. Insurance Options Review your auto insurance policy. According to the Insurance Information Institute, if you have comprehensive and collision coverage, your personal insurance policy will likely […]

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  • An Insider’s Guide To Airport Security

    Before Heading to the Airport Allow enough time (at least two hours) to check-in and pass through security. Add more time as needed for your own peace of mind. WHN TIP – Manage Your Time Accordingly: Allow more time if you’re with small children, pets or passengers with special needs. Leave water bottles at home. Water, […]

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