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  • After A Theft: 5 Quick Tips From Police Officers

    Here are some tips for dealing with home and car theft, gathered from police officers across the country: Stolen Car? Talk Cracks and Dents When reporting a stolen car, be sure to mention your car’s unique characteristics – the location of dents, cracks, bumper stickers, detailing and so on. These details help your car stand […]

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  • Choosing a Car

    Some cars are stolen more frequently than others. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the Honda Accord topped the list of the most stolen cars in 2015. Want to know what cars are targeted by thieves in your area? Check with your local police department. Buying a car? Ask about security systems or features that […]

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  • Car Break-In: What to Do

     WHN TIP – Advice from Experts: Listen to this podcast for tips on how to describe a suspect. Immediately Be safe, be smart. Get to a safe place. Call the police. They will ask for a description of what is missing from your car. (Remember your trunk, glove compartment, anywhere else you kept items.) Download […]

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  • Top Tips to Avoid Car Theft

    WHN TIP – Advice from Experts: Watch the video below to learn what can make your vehicle a “hard target” that thieves avoid. 1. Know Your Car Know your license plate number. Know your Vehicle Identification Number. Also called “VIN” – it’s usually found on the dashboard near the steering wheel and also on the […]

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  • Car Theft —8 Prevention Tips While Traveling

    Here’s a two-part video on how to prevent car break-ins: If you drive with your windows open, keep personal items off the seat and out of reach. Keep loose change in an enclosed change holder or an ashtray you can close. If you drive with the roof down or sunroof open, close them before parking. Shopping? […]

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  • 6 Key Insurance Terms for Determining Value

    Knowing these terms helps to understand the process insurance agencies and relief organizations use to determine the value of your loss. Your tax accountant can also help you when claiming your losses. Valuation of Goods It is very difficult to measure your personal loss of goods. This is because many items have a sentimental value to […]

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  • 7 Points About Car Accidents to Discuss with Your Agent

    The more you know and understand about car insurance, accident coverage and your own policy, the better off you are. These “starter” questions will help you understand the types and extent of coverage. (Additional questions are covered in our 6 Points to Cover About Car Insurance article.) About Reporting an Accident Do I have to report an accident […]

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  • 6 Points to Cover About Car Insurance

    Ask your insurance agent these questions – it helps to understand the types and extent of coverage you have. There are a lot, but you’re paying a lot. Want more questions about accident coverage and possible rate increases? Our article 7 Points About Car Accidents to Discuss with Your Agent has an additional list of questions to ask. […]

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  • 2 Steps to Finding Your Cell Phone’s Serial Number

    Do you know your cell phone’s serial number? You should — if it’s stolen, you can provide the number to your service provider so the phone can be blocked. Then, even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless – no calls, no downloads. Here’s how to find your cell phone’s serial number: Type in […]

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  • Top 14 Car Theft Prevention Tips

    This information is from the Austin, Texas Police Department, the San Jose Police Department, National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For more tips, watch these two videos on how to prevent care break-ins:     Lock Your Car and Take Your Keys. Nearly 7% of all stolen vehicles had the keys in them. […]

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