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  • 5 Areas to Check When Evaluating a Senior Living Facility

    Before you make a decision on what senior living facility is right for you or your family member, you’ll want to spend some time checking out potential locations. For more information, read our 6 Senior Living Services Options. Here are 5 areas to consider: The Facility Is the atmosphere warm, pleasant, cheerful? Does the home […]

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  • What to Know About Senior Living Facilities

    When you’re searching for senior living facilities, there’s more to consider than room size, meal options and on-site amenities. You also need to ask questions about management, certification and other operational aspects. Here’s a list to get you started. Add more to suit your specific requirements. Management Who owns the facility? Who manages the facility? […]

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  • Senior Living Options: What to Ask About Costs and Coverages

    Checking out senior living facilities? Here’s a quick list of questions to ask about the costs and coverages. For more information, read our 6 Senior Living Services Options. Entrance Fees Is there an entrance fee? How much is it? Is it refundable, and if so, under what circumstances? Room Costs What is the cost of […]

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  • 10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Senior Living Community

    If you or a family member are considering moving to a senior living facility or community, there’s a lot to consider. These 10 questions will help you identify what you need, what you want and whether the location is the right one for you. What type of living arrangement do you need? There are several […]

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  • Hospice and Other Caregiving Resources

    If you or a loved one needs hospice or other caregiving help, these resources can provide information, advice and assistance. AARP–Medicare Resource Center Information on managed care, private insurance and Medicaid. The information is useful for all ages interested in learning more about health care coverage. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a […]

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  • Mobility Issues? Here’s How to Make Your House Safer

    Are you or a family member dealing with unexpected mobility problem from an injury, stroke, aging or other cause? Here are some basic improvements that will make your home safer and easier to navigate under the circumstances. WHN TIP – Hire an Expert. While some of the changes can be done by a homeowner, others […]

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  • Finding a Geriatric Caregiver

    If the time has come for you to find a caregiver for your aging relative, Shelly Sun, founder and CEO of BrightStar Care (a national caregiving franchise) has the following recommendations: Start with the Basics Begin your search with the fundamentals every provider must have: Insurance Licensing from the state in which the caregivers serve […]

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  • 6 Senior Living Services Options

    Trying to decide what senior living option is right for you or a family member? Here’s a quick rundown of the options. Home health care services Local agencies and associations may offer services for the aging community still living in a home setting. These services range from friendly visiting, home-delivered meals, personal home care services, […]

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  • Travel Tips for Seniors

    Over 50 and traveling for business or pleasure? Or maybe you’re planning a family trip and some of your fellow travelers are on the senior side. Plane, train, ship or car — whatever your mode of transportation, there are some strategies for making your journey or that of your senior safe and comfortable. Plan Ahead […]

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  • FAQs About the Flu

    The flu season is still in full swing. Here’s what to know and what to do to help prevent the flu and deal with the symptoms if you catch it. WHN TIP — Check With Your Doc: As always, discuss your options and treatment with your healthcare practitioner. What is the flu? The flu is […]

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