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  • Wedding Disasters: Real-Life Stories from Wedding Planners

    Forget bridezillas! These wedding planners and florists have had to deal with horrific wedding emergencies: When It Rains, It Pours Samantha Goldberg is an Event Designer based in NY-NJ. She has been a regular featured host/planner on the Style Networks “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway” for 5 seasons and “Married Away”. Her biggest wedding drama: […]

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  • Wedding Disasters: A Bride’s Story

    Of course every bride wants her big day to be perfect! Learn how one bride dealt with a major disaster and managed to make it down the aisle of her dream wedding: I Fall to Pieces: Michelle L.’s Story A year before my wedding, I contracted with a local designer. I had a vision of […]

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  • 3 Top Tips Every Wedding Guest Should Know

    You’ve gotten the invitation, made the hard choice between chicken and fish, and sent in your “YES” RSVP. As a guest you’re set, right? Well, there’s no right or wrong way to prepare your role as a guest at a wedding, but here are a few etiquette hints and preparedness tips to help you out: […]

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  • 9 Wedding Insurance FAQs

    Wedding insurance is similar to any other form of insurance: you may be reimbursed if the unexpected occurs. Below are answers to common questions about wedding insurance. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent about what areas are covered under your current homeowners (or other insurance) policy before purchasing wedding insurance. 1. What is […]

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  • 3 FAQs About Marriage as a Legal Agreement

    Marriage: not just a matter of love but also a matter of law. Here’s what to know about the legal side of marriage. What is common law marriage and where is it recognized? How To Know if Your Common Law Marriage Is Recognized ( What states  recognize common law marriage How to apply for a common law marriage. Common Law Marriage ( […]

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  • Groom’s FREE Wedding Day Emergency Kit List

    Below is a great DIY wedding day emergency kit list for him – thanks to many grooms (and brides) for their ideas. It’s a big list, so pick and choose what makes sense. Download our Wedding Day Emergency Kit-Groom, complete it and then give a copy to your best man. (Here’s our Wedding Day Emergency Kit-Bride, too.) (You’ll […]

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  • 4 Insurance Policies to Review When Getting Married

    Marriage is a life-changing event – legally and financially. Insurance agents recommend reviewing your policies and coverage options before you tie the knot. WHN TIP – Coverage Options: Your coverage options will vary by state, employer and insurance company. Ask your insurance agent about all of your coverage options and if a pre-marriage packet or pamphlet listing the options is […]

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  • Bride’s FREE Wedding Day Emergency List

    Of course, nothing will go wrong on your big day – but better safe than sorry. Below is a great DIY wedding day emergency list. And just like your big day, make this list your own – pick out items you want, don’t worry about the others. Download our Wedding Day Emergency Kit-Bride checklist, fill it out, […]

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  • After the Wedding or Divorce: 19 Places to Change Your Name

    Marriage After getting married, most states will allow you to change your name simply by usage. However, you will also need to contact organizations and institutions listed below. Remember, different organizations have different rules regarding name changes. If an institution is not willing to recognize your new name, you may need to get a court order. Contact […]

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  • 6 Tips for Preventing Wedding Disasters

    Learn how to handle a big wedding emergency BEFORE it happens! Top tips from brides, florists and wedding planners from across the country: Don’t create an unnecessary emergency! “I know we have a lot of brides who [buy] a size or two smaller because [they think] ‘I’m going to lose weight’,” says Megan Nolde, lead wedding […]

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