Life and Health Insurance

    When it comes to life and health insurance, there’s a lot to know.

    The more you understand, the better able you’ll be able to get the policy you need for all life events.

    WHN TIP – Be safe, be smart and be prepared!

  • Going to the Doctor

    Before Your Visit Download the free My Personal Medication Record pdf from the AARP  in English or Spanish. Complete one form for each family member, and update as needed. While you’re gathering information, complete the My Family Health Portrait from the Surgeon General’s Office for background information on family illnesses and diseases. WHN TIP – Fill It Out: Our Medical […]

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  • Going to the Hospital

    Before You Go Before you go to the hospital, you need to think about what happens after your stay. Coordinate a ride home from the hospital (even if it is a short stay!). Consider having someone stay with you for a few days since you may be in some pain or even slightly immobile. Be […]

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  • Last-Minute Travel Checklist

    Before You Leave Make arrangements for your home, if you haven’t already done so. Have a friend, family member or trusted neighbor check on your house, take care of pets, water your house plants, take out the trash, get the mail and newspaper. WHN TIP – Don’t Advertise Your Absence: Don’t cancel your newspaper or wait […]

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  • 4 Insurance Policies to Review When Getting Married

    Marriage is a life-changing event – legally and financially. Insurance agents recommend reviewing your policies and coverage options before you tie the knot. WHN TIP – Coverage Options: Your coverage options will vary by state, employer and insurance company. Ask your insurance agent about all of your coverage options and if a pre-marriage packet or pamphlet listing the options is […]

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  • After the Wedding or Divorce: 19 Places to Change Your Name

    Marriage After getting married, most states will allow you to change your name simply by usage. However, you will also need to contact organizations and institutions listed below. Remember, different organizations have different rules regarding name changes. If an institution is not willing to recognize your new name, you may need to get a court order. Contact […]

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  • Working With a Claims Adjuster

    Once you have notified your insurance company of your loss, you will meet with a claims or field adjuster. Your insurance company provides the adjuster at no charge to you — it’s included in the cost of your insurance policy. A claims adjuster will: Investigate the circumstances of a loss Discuss it with you Provide an assessment […]

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  • 6 FAQs About Choosing a Life Insurance Beneficiary

    By WHN’s Guest Columnist, M. Bryan Freeman If you own assets, from bank accounts to life insurance, it’s important that you choose a beneficiary. A beneficiary is the person or entity who receives your assets or the proceeds of your assets (like the “death benefit” from your life insurance) after you die. Why Do You Need a […]

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  • 3 Steps to Appealing an Insurance Settlement

    If you have a difference of opinion on your insurance settlement, you can begin an appeal process: Step 1: Start with your agent. Not happy with the outcome?  Go to Step 2. Step 2: Call the claims adjuster at your insurance company. Still not satisfied? Go to Step 3. Step 3: Contact your state’s watchdog agency for insurance. The […]

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  • 6 Areas to Cover About Life Insurance

    Not sure if you need life insurance — or have it but not sure it’s enough? Review the questions in these six areas (you can add more to fit your situation) with your agent to help you make a decision. Something in your policy that puzzles you? Ask about it! You can also request a verbal […]

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  • 6 Points to Cover About Car Insurance

    Ask your insurance agent these questions – it helps to understand the types and extent of coverage you have. There are a lot, but you’re paying a lot. Want more questions about accident coverage and possible rate increases? Our article 7 Points About Car Accidents to Discuss with Your Agent has an additional list of questions to ask. […]

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