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    You always hope you won’t need to file a claim, but having home and property insurance is worth it if the unthinkable happens.

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    WHN TIP – Be safe, be smart and be prepared!


  • Am I Covered?: Home Insurance Questions

    The more you know and understand about home insurance, the better you can insure yourself, your family and your home and possessions in case of loss. The best way to prepare for meeting with your agent is to read your policy and look for the exclusions. If you don’t understand or have questions about something, […]

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  • In a Bicycle Accident? Here’s What to Do

    Immediately Be safe, be smart. Stop as soon as it is clear, safe and legal to do so. If you’re uninjured, check on others. Call 9-1-1. Include the exact location (look at street signs, landmarks) and mention any injuries. No cell phone? Ask a witness to make the call. Get their contact information in case […]

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  • After a Home Fire – What to Do

    Once the fire is out, the recovery process begins. Here’s what to know and do – and not do. WHN TIP – First Needs: If you need immediate assistance with shelter, food or other personal needs, consider contacting your local Red Cross chapter. Insured? Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible, preferably before meeting with fire […]

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  • Buying a Home Security System

    If you are in the market for a home security system, here are some starter questions: What is included in a basic security system? Most basic security systems include exterior door sensors, window sensors and an alarm control panel with a touchpad. If you’re worried about break-ins, this might be sufficient for your needs. At […]

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  • Wallet / Purse Theft — What to Do

    WHN TIP – Be Prepared! Download and complete our Purse or Wallet Theft Checklist so you know what you had inside if it goes “missing”! WHN TIP – Advice from Experts: Listen to this podcast for tips on how to describe a suspect. Immediately Be safe, be smart. Be sure you are in safe surroundings. If you […]

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  • Home Break-In – What to Do

    WHN TIP – Advice from Experts: If your home is broken into, the police will ask you questions to try to ascertain who might have done it. If you witnessed someone suspicious, this podcast has tips for describing a suspect. If You Suspect a Burglar Be safe, be smart. Do NOT go into your home. […]

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  • Tips for Preventing Home Theft

    Practice Intruder Smarts Teach your family about home security. Explain your security precautions and emphasize the role they play in keeping your home secure. Ask them to remember always to lock the door and keep a careful watch on their keys. Show them where the keys to internal locks are located in case they have […]

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  • Car Break-In: What to Do

     WHN TIP – Advice from Experts: Listen to this podcast for tips on how to describe a suspect. Immediately Be safe, be smart. Get to a safe place. Call the police. They will ask for a description of what is missing from your car. (Remember your trunk, glove compartment, anywhere else you kept items.) Download […]

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  • Top Tips to Avoid Car Theft

    WHN TIP – Advice from Experts: Watch the video below to learn what can make your vehicle a “hard target” that thieves avoid. 1. Know Your Car Know your license plate number. Know your Vehicle Identification Number. Also called “VIN” – it’s usually found on the dashboard near the steering wheel and also on the […]

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  • Create a Fire Emergency Plan

    Plan Ahead Download our Fire Safety Items Checklist to make sure you have enough fire safety items to cover your entire home, especially where people sleep. Watch this video for tips and techniques for creating a successful escape plan from your home if it is on fire all while making practice fun! WHN TIP – Learn Ladder […]

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