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  • 10 FAQs About Life Insurance and Healthcare Costs

    By WHN’s Guest Columnist, M. Bryan Freeman If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with a serious illness, you may have already discovered that dealing with actual health issues is just part of the individual puzzle you must reassess and reassemble. Financial challenges frequently accompany serious illness. A life settlement is an option […]

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  • 3 FAQs About Medical Identity Theft

    The latest form of identity theft could not only cost you money – it could also cost you your life. We spoke with Pam Dixon, the director of the World Privacy Forum, to find out more about medical identity theft and how to spot it. What Is Medical Identity Theft? Medical identity theft occurs when a […]

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  • 4 Tips for Being a Patient Advocate

    Communication between patients, family members, friends, doctors and nurses is tiring and confusing. A patient advocate can provide much-needed assistance during this stressful time. A patient advocate can: Act as the mediator between the patient and the hospital or healthcare team Serve as the patient’s primary spokesperson Communicate wishes and requests on the patient’s behalf Help […]

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  • 8 FAQs About Social Workers

    What is a Social Worker? Social workers identify the psychological and social needs of persons in stressful situations and find resources and services to help them. They work with individuals, families and communities to help guide these groups through life’s many challenges. Social workers work in a variety of places including hospitals, senior homes, community services, and […]

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  • 39 Medical Disciplines and Specialties

    Here is a list of general terms that refer to medical experts and various disciplines. If you have any questions about medical terms during the time of your care, be sure to ask your doctor or a member of hospital staff for an explanation. Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) APNs have education and clinical experience beyond […]

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  • 5 Medical Questions and Answers You Should Know

    1. Should you keep track of your own medical history? YES Keeping your own medical history helps in tracking allergies, past illnesses, medications and so on. Keeping your own medical history helps in tracking allergies, past illnesses, medications and so on. It’s helpful if you move to a new area and change health plans. It also comes […]

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  • 12 Questions for Choosing a Pharmacy

    When choosing a pharmacy, you want one that will be able to meet your needs: prescription and non-prescription meds, competitive pricing and convenient location. You also want a pharmacist who will take the time to counsel you at every visit, answer your questions and hold the same beliefs that you do regarding your medications. WHN TIP – Keep […]

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  • Visiting the Hospital: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

    Visiting at the hospital? Here are some dos and don’ts from hospital advocates, social workers and doctors from across the country. WHN EXPERT TIP – Be Considerate: Patients get tired, even when there is not a lot of activity. So do family members who have to answer questions over and over again. Jari Holland Buck, author […]

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