Get Prepared

Before you know it, it will be time to head off to college.

Here are some tips to get ready for the transition.

Know What to Bring

Forget the “everything but the kitchen sink” strategy. Chances are, your dorm room will be small, especially if you’re sharing with a roommate. Just get the essentials.

Know what to take with you! Download, fill in, and save our Checklist-Dorm Room-Apartment to your desktop. Write down serial numbers, make, model and price of items for insurance purposes and make copies of your inventory. Keep one at school, the other at home.

WHN TIP – Ask the School: Before shopping, get a list of approved items from the school. Often schools don’t allow certain items (halogen lamps, hot plates) due to fire safety laws or other reasons.

WHN TIP – Be Tech-Smart: Before buying a computer, contact the school to find out what systems are compatible with the school’s network. Ask if the school provides computers to students or if you have access to special pricing offered by computer companies to educational systems that are less costly than buying retail.

Have the “Money Talk”

Parents and kids should discuss money matters before the big day arrives.

What to cover:

  • What the school allowance/budget is.
  • Who is responsible for what expenses.
  • How the money will be managed: in a shared checking or savings account? in the teen’s own account?

Cover Insurance Coverage

  • Will homeowner’s insurance cover away-from-home items or do you need a floater policy or renter’s insurance?
  • Will the parent’s health insurance cover the student?

For more tips, read Preparing for College Life.