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  • 10 Steps to Increase Your Patient Safety Awareness

    A national survey found that 1 in 5 people reportedly experienced a medical error in their own care and another third reported a medical error experienced by a close relative or friend. And nearly three quarters said that the mistake had a long-term or permanent impact. What can you do to prevent you or a […]

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  • FAQs About the Flu

    The flu season is still in full swing. Here’s what to know and what to do to help prevent the flu and deal with the symptoms if you catch it. WHN TIP — Check With Your Doc: As always, discuss your options and treatment with your healthcare practitioner. What is the flu? The flu is […]

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  • Going to the Doctor

    Before Your Visit Download the free My Personal Medication Record pdf from the AARP  in English or Spanish. Complete one form for each family member, and update as needed. While you’re gathering information, complete the My Family Health Portrait from the Surgeon General’s Office for background information on family illnesses and diseases. WHN TIP – Fill It Out: Our Medical […]

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  • 5 FAQs About Getting a Second Opinion

    What is a second opinion? A second opinion is asking another physician or specialist to examine your case. She will then provide a diagnosis and offer treatment options. Why should I get a second opinion? Your insurance company or employer may require you to obtain a second opinion for health insurance purposes. You yourself might […]

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  • Back Safety Tips for 4 Winter Activities

    According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), from 2000–2003, an estimated 17,465 persons ended up in the ER after having a holiday-decorating-related fall. To help keep “Ho! Ho! Ho!” from turning into “Oh, no!”, Dr. Charles Rosen, Associate Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of California at Irvine Medical Center offers these holiday safety tips. […]

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  • What You Need to Know About Your Medications

    Did your physician order new medications or change your current type or dose? Make sure you write down all the information and repeat it back to the doctor BEFORE you leave the office! What problem the drug is treating The name of the drug (Have the doctor spell it out since some names sound very similar) The dosage orders […]

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  • 4 Tips for Being a Patient Advocate

    Communication between patients, family members, friends, doctors and nurses is tiring and confusing. A patient advocate can provide much-needed assistance during this stressful time. A patient advocate can: Act as the mediator between the patient and the hospital or healthcare team Serve as the patient’s primary spokesperson Communicate wishes and requests on the patient’s behalf Help […]

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  • 5 Benefits of Using Online Pharmacies

    The number of online pharmacies is becoming more prevalent and for some, more convenient. Online pharmacies offer similar services to local pharmacies such as: Dispensing and delivering prescriptions Addressing customer questions and concerns Providing customers with the necessary information to ensure the correct use of each medication Some online pharmacies allow customers to enter the names […]

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  • 9 Things to Expect at the ER

    We’ve all seen emergency rooms on TV, but what do you need to know when it’s real life? We interviewed doctors, nurses, EMTs, volunteers, and other staff members in the emergency room of Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury, Minnesota to find their top tips about what to expect on your next visit to the ER. Know […]

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  • 4 Areas To Cover in Your Medical History Data Sheet

    Bring a copy of this to all medical appointments, especially if you are meeting with a new physician or specialist. Update your history as needed and store extra copies in a safe place, either away from home or online. Download the free My Personal Medication Record pdf from the AARP  in English or Spanish. Complete one form for each family member, […]

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