Halloween: 7 Trick-or-Treat and Home Safety Tips

Get ready for TRICK-or-TREAT with these safety tips!

WHN TIP – Treats: Buy individually-wrapped candies or hand out non-food alternatives like colored pencils, erasers, small pads of paper — perfect for notes, doodles and diaries.

Preparing for the Kids

  1. Don’t trip trick-or-treaters! Keep your porch, driveway and sidewalk clear of obstacles like flower pots, hoses or lawn furniture. A face mask plus dusk can impede a kid’s vision.
  2. Turn on porch and outside lights. Make it easy for trick-or-treaters to see! (This is a good time to replace burnt-out, outdoor light bulbs.)
  3. Do a clean sweep. Sweep the leaves off your walkways and porch. (Wet leaves can be a slip hazard.)
  4. Watch the decor! Are you using jack-o-lanterns with real candles? Keep them away from trick-or-treaters as well as any flammable items like leaves or other decorations.
  5. Protect the pets. Dogs, cats and other pets may be frightened or excited by the ringing doorbell, trick-or-treat screaming and unexpected Halloween visitors. Excitable pet? Secure him or her in a safe, quiet area away from the festivities.

Skipping the Holiday?

If you’re not going to be home for the trick-or-treaters, follow these tips.

  1. Lock up. Lock doors and windows and turn on your home security system.
  2. Porch light off! In many communities, a lit porch light means you’re ready for trick-or-treaters.

WHN TIP – Watch Out! Out driving? Be cautious and go slowly. This is a big night for kids and families and they are walking the neighborhood.