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Get prepared for life!! Below are forms to fill out for marriage, college, medical needs and personal contacts. Get the latest version of Acrobat Reader to view the PDFs, fill some of them in, and save to your desktop - it's FREE, and you can download it here.
- Marriage
- College
- Medical
- Personal Contact Lists


Of course, nothing will go wrong on your big day - but better safe than sorry. Below are two Emergency Kit lists - one for the bride and one for the groom. It's a long list of items to have on hand just in case - add or take off any items.

Bride's Kit
Groom's Kit


College Emergency Information Sheet
Important contacts, numbers and medical details for college students. Post it and tell your roommates about the information on the sheet.

Dorm/Apartment Inventory Checklist
A quick checklist of items you might want to bring along to college. (Check with the college first to see what items are or aren't recommended.)


Birth: What to Take to the Hospital
A quick checklist of items to bring with you for the birth. Feel free to add items of your own.

Hospital Stay: Tests and Meds Tracking Form
This form helps you track doctor and nurse contact information, X-rays, tests ordered, medications and so on. Print out as many pages as needed.

Medical Information Tracking Form
Track medical appointments. Add it to your medical folder or files after each appointment. You can also fill in this PDF, save to your desktop and print to bring to your next appointment.

What to Take to the Hospital
A quick checklist of items to make your hospital stay a little more comfortable. Feel free to add or remove items.

Personal Contact Lists

Loss of a Loved One - Contacting Others
This is helpful to use when you have to contact others after the loss of a loved one. The list includes family, the executor of the estate, accountants, attorneys, civic organizations and more.

Fill in this PDF form with Acrobat Reader and save to your desktop.

You Own Contact List
Here's your own personal directory. Keep copies at home, work and with family or friends.

Emergency Contacts
Insurance and Law
Home Repair


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