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We hope that nothing goes wrong while you’re sailing the Seven Seas, but if it does, here are a few tips from fellow cruise-goers, travel agents and cruise lines to help you through:
- I Missed the Boat!
- Sick While Cruising
- Lost/Stolen/Damaged Items
- Wild Weather

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I Missed the Boat!

  1. Call the cruise line.
    Call the cruise line immediately if you expect to be delayed or miss the start of your cruise.
  2. Call your travel agent.
    If you booked your trip through a travel agent, call them right away to reschedule your trip and to try to catch up to the boat.
  3. You get there yourself.
    Understand that you will be responsible for providing your own transportation to the next port of call and also, at your own expense.
  4. Travel insurance.
    If you have travel insurance, you may be covered for ‘missed the boat’ expenses – call your travel insurance agent to find out what to do.

    WHN EXPERT TIP: Excursions

    If you take a ship-shore excursion, and are late, they will hold the ship for you. If you are freelancing, well, pull out the credit card!
    Jacqueline Church Simonds, publisher of Happy Sails: The Carefree Cruiser's Handbook

Sick While Cruising

  1. Ships’ Doctor
    If your ship has one, make a visit to the ship’s doctor. Most big cruise lines have one on board and the doctor visit fees will be charged to your account.
  2. No doctor on board?
    Ask the staff for assistance or advice on how to locate one at the next port stop.

    WHN EXPERT TIP: Ship Doctors

    The ship's doctor can handle routine problems, ailments and cuts. If the problem is larger than that, such as broken bones or a heart attack, you may be air-lifted or taken to the nearest hospital – at your expense
    Jacqueline Church Simonds, publisher of Happy Sails: The Carefree Cruiser's Handbook

    WHN EXPERT TIP: Travel Insurance

    If you have trip medical insurance, this may cover the costs incurred at a foreign hospital.

  3. Motion sickness
    If you feel seasick talk to a cruise director or personnel and they will try to accommodate your needs as best they can.
    • Larger cruise lines should have medical services on board.
    • Larger lines may also provide complimentary motion sickness medicine to passengers via these services.

    WHN Reader Tip: Bring Extra Medications

    Once someone starts to get sick, it’s too late to start the [motion sickness] medicine at that point. It is ineffective after you’ve even started to slightly feel sick. Don’t be brave, take the medicine before setting sail and don’t stop until you are anchored.
    Also, doctors on ships have a limited amount of medicine on board so bring your own medicines if possible. I forgot my sickness pills and I had to go to the ships’ doctor every day for a new day’s supply of medicine – Diana, Fremont, CA

    WHN Expert Tip: Get Up and Get Moving!

    Dancing can overcome seasickness. Seriously. If feeling a bit green - DON'T lie down (it makes the effect worse). Go out and dance. For some reason, this resets the inner ear and you'll feel better -
    Jacqueline Church Simonds, publisher of Happy Sails: The Carefree Cruiser's Handbook

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Items

  1. If an item is stolen, lost or damaged, contact the Purser's staff right away.
    “They may be able to find it if it was clearly marked as being yours (there are so many staff on the ship - cleaning and what-not - it's likely to be found),” says Simonds.
  2. File a home owner’s claim.
    Call your agent to ask about what they might need for the claim.
  3. Lost your Wallet/Purse or a credit card?
    Watch out for Identity Theft! Take these immediate steps…

Wild Weather

Understand that the cruise line may divert or change course if there is severe weather impending. This may affect your port destinations, excursions and your return home plans.

You may be asked to return to your cabin if severe weather is possible. Additionally, some shore excursions may be cancelled due to weather. Read your cruise line's policies regarding refunds.

Reviewed 1/2009


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