8 Campfire Safety Tips

Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over a crackling campfire is one of the most popular American summer activities. When you are preparing for your next camping adventure, make sure you don’t leave home without knowing basic campfire safety tips. Make Smokey the Bear proud!

Campfire Safety Rules

  1. NEVER leave a campfire unattended. This is probably the most important safety rule. A fire may grow at any moment, and it is crucial you are there to tend to it before it gets too large.
  2. Remember, campfires are not supposed to be bonfires. Keep them small. This can be done by creating a circle of rocks around the flames to help keep the fire from spreading outside of the enclosed area.
  3. Make sure you have water and a shovel nearby to help you put out a fire if it grows out of control.
  4. Just like in our article about backyard fire safety, don’t build your fire below any overhanging branches or around dry grass and leaves.
  5. Start building the fire with tinder (small twigs and dry leaves, grass and needles). Once it’s ignited, add kindling (little sticks and twigs) and then larger pieces of wood to keep it burning steadily.
  6. Matches should be completely extinguished before discarding them. It should be cold to the touch. Or break it so you can feel the charred portion.
  7. When putting the fire out, drown everything in water, including the sticks, rocks, and coals. Stir together with the shovel until all the material is cooled.
  8. Feel all materials with your bare hand to make sure nothing is still burning. DO NOT bury your coals — they can reignite if buried.

Here is to safe and happy nights around the campfire! Happy Camping!