Winter Biking Tips

Brave enough to venture out in the cold, slush, sleet and snow?

Be safe, be smart!! Don't leave home without these basic winter biking tips:

  1. Rims
    • When wet, brake pads grip aluminum rims better than they do steel.
  2. Tires
    • Fat tires have better traction. Tires less than 1 1/4" wide work better on wet streets when under-inflated. Use tires with a deep tread pattern.
  3. Salt Damage
    • With lots of winter riding, occasionally wipe your frame, rims, spokes, derailleurs and lube your chain. Use a toothbrush for hard-to reach parts.
  4. Fenders
    • They beat almost anything to keep you dry on wet pavement. The newest plastic ones are inexpensive and light, but can break if installed wrong.
  5. Bearing Damage
    • After biking in wet weather put your bike indoors so bearings can dry.
  6. Brakes
    • Grime builds up on brake pads, making them squeak or scratch your rims. Run a rag between each pad and the rim, like shining a shoe. Occasionally remove the wheel and check pads for wear.