Helping Others Hit by Disaster

Immediately or soon after an emergency or natural disaster, many people want to help. Here are some tips to help you help others. Review these, be safe, be smart.

  1. Stay away from disaster areas unless local authorities request volunteers.

    If you are needed, bring your own drinking water, food and sleeping gear.

  2. Donate money

    Another way to help is donating money to a recognized relief organization like your local Red Cross chapter. Do not donate food, clothing or other personal items unless they are specifically requested.
  3. Make a difference through travel.

    Check out our article on Voluntourism - it tells about how you can give back while traveling around the country or the globe.

  4. Special assistance

    In large scale disasters or highly emotional events, help a neighbor who may require special assistance. People who care for them or who have large families may need additional assistance in emergency situations.
  5. Talk with your children

    Talk with your kids about what has happened and how they can help during the recovery. Being involved will help them deal with the situation.

  6. Stay tuned to your local media

    TV, radio, newspapers – and their websites - have the latest information, contact details and locations of relief organizations and efforts in your area.

  7. Government Web sites

    Check web sites of local, state and federal officials that may also have information on road conditions, curfews and happenings in your area. Pay close attention to instructions from emergency management and law enforcement agencies.