Halloween Reminders for Adults

Halloween falls on an awkward Wednesday this year, and while we usually focus on kids - we have some Halloween advice for adults.

  1. If you’re driving, be cautious and go slowly - watch for kids and families as they walk through neighborhoods.
  2. Trick or treating with the kids? Watch them - if they are in masks or have large costumes, their vision (and coordination) may be less that perfect.
  3. Remind kids that rules still apply. (Like - look both ways before crossing the road, travel in groups, don’t leave the group, and no running.)
  4. Have pets at home? If trick or treaters, ringing doorbells, and strangers are too much, keep your dog or cat away from the front door.
  5. So - you don’t have kids and are going to a Halloween party? Crazy costumes + adult beverages = Get a cab!