Top Ten Post-Hurricane Articles

We compiled our top ten articles featuring 'after the storm' advice. We know that the recovery process is a long one, which is why our articles work for the day after and months after. The links below give tips, advice and experiences from experts and storm survivors on what happens now.

1. Common Misconceptions About Disaster Aid

What exactly can FEMA do for me? This article answers that question as well as confronts all the misconceptions people have about FEMA. Take a look at our article and learn how FEMA works and what it can do for you.

2. FEMA: Questions to Ask

As with an insurance agent, these questions for FEMA officials may confirm what you already know, or may help you understand what processes, timelines and what federal aid is available.

3. Filing for Federal Disaster Relief

If a disaster declaration has been made in your area, this is the article to look at. Here are some things experts suggest you should know.

4. Disaster Relief: Financial Assistance Options

Experts we've interviewed have said that the severity of a natural disaster affects the time it takes to receive financial assistance. WHN gives you a large selection of tips from experts and WHN staff members to help you figure out your financial assistance.

5. Items You May Need After a Disaster

WHN's starter list of things you should buy or be prepared to look into immediately and several days after a disaster.

6. Tax Tips After a Disaster

After a disaster, fire or other major loss, bills and expenses pile up quickly. Luckily, there are some IRS forms you can complete to receive immediate help and possibly get additional tax relief over the next few years. Here are some top tax prep tips from tax preparers and specialists.

7. Safely Reentering an Evacuated Home

Reentering a damaged home can be very emotional, but it's always very important to remember the safety hazards of walking back to your house. This article gives you a few things to consider.

8. Documenting Fire and Storm Damage

If you have damage to your home, document it right away. Here are tips on documenting items for insurance (and safety) reasons.

9. Replacing Valuable Documents

Losing valuable items in a storm is devastating, but losing valuable documents can be worse. Here is contact information for replacing documents and records that have been damaged, destroyed or lost.

10. How to Avoid Home Improvement Fraud

Why hire a contractor or a restorer? It can be costly, but professionals may be the best way to remove water and mold and get the job done right. Here are questions to ask before you hire and tips to avoid home improvement fraud.