Top Ten Hurricane Preparedness Articles

Hurricane Disaster Preparedness Week is quickly approaching (May 24-30) and WHN compiled our top ten articles to help you prepare for a hurricane. The links below will help make preparing your home and self for a hurricane hopefully quicker and less painful.

1. Hurricane Hazards

This article explains the different hazards a hurricane can cause, and how to prepare for them. It is full tips on how to be aware of and deal with water and wind hazards at home.

2. Am I Insured? Home Insurance Questions

The more you know and understand about home insurance, the better you can insure yourself and your family in case of loss. This article lays out what kind of questions to ask your insurance company. Not all insurance providers cover flood damage. This article helps you become aware of what your insurance company provides before a disaster should one happen.

3. Purchasing Flood Insurance

In case your existing insurance package does not cover flood damage, this article can help guide you in purchasing flood insurance.Flood insurance provides year-round financial protection and improves your ability to quickly recover when severe storms strike and cause unexpected flooding. This article provides questions for your insurance providers to help make sure you get the coverage you need.

4. Create a Home Emergency Plan

It is crucial that an emergency exit plan is created for your household. This article gives tips on how to have the most effective escape route out of a home. Every member of the family needs to be familiar with the evacuation plan in case of a disaster or a fire. WHN lets you know how often to practice and what is effective in making sure everyone, especially children, understand what to do in case of an emergency.

5. Prepare Your Home For a Natural Disaster

Whether its high winds, flash floods or snowy weather, your home will be your shelter from the storm. Make it a strong shelter! This article offers tips from disaster victims, home improvement professionals, and FEMA on how to make sure your home is safe when a disaster hits.

6. Home Grab and Go Kit

Imagine having to evacuate your home in five minutes. This article guides you in preparing a home Grab 'n' Go kit with all the essentials you may need.

7. Seniors and Disaster Preparedness

Here is a guide specifically aimed at helping senior citizens in an emergency situation, like a hurricane. With links to other articles, forms to download, and WHN Tips, there is plenty of information on safely and quickly evacuating the important senior citizen in your life.

8. Buying a Home Safe

WHN gives advice on things to consider and what questions to ask when purchasing a home safe. Home safes can be crucial in preparing for a natural disaster like a hurricane. They provide a secure and dry place to store valuable documents and objects.

9. Pets and Disaster Preparedness

Because they are a part of the family, too. This article provides tips on how to prepare your pets for a disaster and what to do should a pet go missing.

10. Hurricane Forms

This link is a simple list of all the forms necessary in preparing for a hurricane. Download them, make multiple copies, and make sure to put them in a safe location so you will always have access to them.

Reviewed: 5/2009