Finding the Right Bicycling Gear

Summer is the perfect time to take long bike trips. Of course, long bike rides can lead to discomfort. Divine Carolineshares an article with WHN on how to find the perfect gear for a comfortable and fun bike ride!

Get Padding

  • Even though most of us don’t like to voluntarily add size to our bottom halves, padded bike shorts are a must. And don’t wear underwear with these, it cuts down the comfort that the padding provides. Also, wear padded gloves to prevent blisters and hand-numbness. And when you’re offered a gel-seat for your bike, go for it

Pack Wick-Away Fabrics

  • Cotton t-shirts that are fine for an hour or two at the gym won’t cut it for a day of riding. Look for fabrics that will take moisture away from the body so you can cycle in cool comfort.

Layer Up

  • Temperatures from morning to afternoon can range from chilly to hot, so be prepared with lightweight, loose-fitting tops and pants to slip over your basic apparel.

Prepare for Weather

  • Rain is a fact of nature everywhere we travel, but carrying an umbrella while cycling just isn’t practical, so bring along a windbreaker and breathable rain gear just in case. Plastic shower caps you get in hotels work great slipped over a helmet to keep your head dry.

Don't Spend a Fortune on New Bike Shoes

Hard soled gym shoes will be fine.

Top Web Sites

A large selection of quality apparel for outdoor activities is available here for women, men, and kids. I was grateful to have their lightweight rain suit and neon yellow windbreaker for a chilly wet morning and a windy afternoon. Check out the site for sale items and REI Adventure Tours.

This company is well known internationally for the top-notch engineering that goes into their bikes. They take the same scientific approach to their cycling apparel, offering shorts and gloves with padding, ergonomically made to conform to a body's shape and size.

Biking enthusiast Susan Otcenas of Oregon began this company ten years ago with the goal to provide comfort and style to women cyclists. The site offers a large range of clothing and accessories in vibrant colors and flattering cuts, in petite to plus sizes. Their site offers great sales, biking adventure stories, tips for cyclists, discussion forums, event listings, and even bike jokes.

The folks at Zyflex have worked to engineer the best durable, lightweight fabrics that wick-away moisture—essentials for a comfortable ride.

Thanks to our friends at DivineCaroline!