Contacting Others After a Disaster or Trauma

You are safe.

  1. Call family and friends on a cell phone (if system is up) or wait for the landlines to clear of emergency usage.
  2. Keep the conversation short. You can e-mail updates and requests for assistant later.

WHN EXPERT TIP: Safe and Well

There are many Internet pages devoted to searching for family members after a disaster, but Safe and Well is the only one directly sponsored by the Red Cross. If you are searching for a family member (or if you have survived a disaster and want to get word to your family), be sure to visit the Safe and Well site first.

Temporary Housing

  1. Temporary housing means a friend's home, hotel, shelter, etc
  2. Read Temporary Housing Options for a brief form to write down your temporary housing details.
  3. If you are moving to temporary housing, call your police and fire departments to tell them if you will not be in your home for an extended period of time.
  4. Alert any delivery services (water, newspapers)
  5. Tell the post office to change your mailing address
  6. Utility companies
  7. Your mortgage company
  8. Your bank
  9. The phone company
  10. Your insurance company
  11. Credit card companies
  12. Social Security Administration (if you are receiving Social Security payments)
  13. Employers
  14. Schools

Many of these organizations will have next-step instructions for you.