How to Contribute to Us

Our site is successful because of the advice offered from Americans with real-life experience – people like you. Been in a car accident? Recently walked down the aisle? Overcome identity theft? Help out your fellow American - let us know what you learned!

There are several ways you can offer your advice:

  1. WHN Tips

    We have more than 2,000 WHN TIPS scattered throughout our site. These are quick pieces of advice submitted from professionals, experts, and readers like you. Here is an example:

    WHN TIP: Make a Wedding Registry!

    My parents had a house fire that was such a complete loss - there was very little remaining from which to compile an inventory of contents. To help jog their memories, they went to Target and created a wedding registry, then they walked through the store and scanned the items they lost in the fire.

    Granted, the items they lost weren’t exactly the same, but it gave them a printed list of like items to use to create their property claim. We all got a good chuckle about my 45-year-married parents having a “new wedding date”. - Jill A., MN

    How do you submit yours? Easy – Email us your tip. Be sure to include your first name and where you are from. Submit as many as you like, but try to keep each to one or two short, concise sentences.

    Remember to think about it from the perspective of the amateur: what did you learn from your life experiences that someone else wouldn’t readily know?
  2. Real Life Stories

    If you would like to share more than a quick tip, submit a Real Life Story based on your experience. Include your name and contact information for us to reach you with any follow-up questions. Check out this example of a real life story that came from a hurricane survivor.

  3. Blog for Us

    We have bloggers across the country in areas of expertise such as travel, health, and college life. Read our blogging guide for more information on how to become a regular contributor to the WhatHappensNow Blog!