Average Funeral Costs

Here is a list of the average costs of funeral items and services. The list is taken from the National Funeral Directors Association 2001 General Price List Survey. Please contact your local funeral directors for a General Price List for prices in your area.

Commonly Selected Services and Average Cost

These are samples of average costs - if you request more than one of these, pricing obviously increases.
  1. Professional service charges: $1,213
  2. Embalming: $420
  3. Other preparations (cosmetology, hair, etc.): $150
  4. Visitation/viewing: $275
  5. Funeral at funeral home: $350
  6. Transfer of remains to funeral home: $154
  7. Hearse (local): $185
  8. Service car/van: $85
  9. Acknowledgement cards: $18
  10. Casket: $2,330
  11. Vault: $950

Total: $6,130

Note – This list of averages doesn’t include cemetery and burial costs.

Additional Information

Federal Trade Commission – Funerals: A Consumer Guide. The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) consumer guide has good information about funerals and pre-planning. The FTC works to ensure that the nation’s markets are vigorous, efficient and free of restrictions that harm consumers.

ICFA's Funeral Consumer Guide
Information on burials, cemeteries, embalming, organ donation, grief and other related areas. The International Cemetery and Funeral Association (ICFA) has more than 6,000 members in over 25 countries.

Updated: 5/2009