Reporting Defective Consumer Products

If you suspect there may be something wrong with a vehicle or product you have, or if food item appears “off” or may be the cause of your or someone else’s illness, here’s what to do:

  1. Start by contacting the appropriate agency (see links below). Each has a specific form and information required for reporting problems.
  2. Keep as much of the product packaging as possible, along with any sales receipts or other purchase information.
  3. In general, you’ll need the following kinds of information (although each agency has specific details):
    • Your name and contact information
    • Name, contact information, sex and age of the person affected (aka “victim”)
    • The date and location of incident
    • Description of incident or hazard, including description of injuries
    • Product brand name/manufacturer and all available contact information
    • Product make, model, serial number, and date of manufacture or date code if available
    • Date and place of purchase

WHN EXPERT TIP: Food is the problem? Be sure to report it!

If the problem involves food, The FDA recommends also reporting the problem to the manufacturer or distributor shown on the label and to the store where you purchased the product. Be sure to keep the product, refrigerating or freezing it if necessary.

Sites to check for recall information or to report a problem:

Updated: 5/2009