What is WhatHappensNow.com?

Something has happened. You weren't as prepared as you'd hoped, and you'd like some help.

WhatHappensNow is your safety net for life. The advice is free - from birth to death, through hurricanes, blizzards, accidents and theft, WhatHappensNow.com offers tips, stories from others and useful information to help you through.

We’ve researched topics interviewed hundreds of people from different parts of the country. Experts in their field, professionals and people just like you have all contributed their knowledge, tips, and hints to make WhatHappensNow.com the 'single stop resource' for great advice to help guide you through.

Our site is organized into seven life "channels". Each channel then has multiple topics organized into four categories: Get Help, Get Prepared, Articles, and Links. Altogether we cover:

  • Accident

    - Car, Bicycle
  • Fire

    - Car, House
  • Health

    - Birth, Dr Visit, Hospital, Hospice
  • Natural Disasters

    - Blizzard, Earthquake, Flood, Hurricane, Storm, Tornado
  • Theft

    - Bicycle, Car, Car Break In, Home Theft, Identity, Wallet/Purse
  • Life

    - Birth, Child Care, College, Funeral, Hospice, Marriage, Sr Living
  • Travel

    - Air, Car
Be sure to look for WHN TIPS (WhatHappensNow Tips) throughout the site. These represent the best of advice as shared straight from experts or people like you who have lived through life changing moments.

Have you lived through one of major life's events? If you have good advice to ad or improve on the advice we share - email us!

Be safe, be smart

Updated: 5/2009