Cell Phones: In Case of Emergency (ICE)

If you are incapacitated in an emergency or an accident, emergency personnel often look for your cell phone.


They look at your cell phone's contact listing for "ICE" - which stands for In Case of Emergency. This tells them that you've designated this person as an emergency contact.

How do you add this to your phone? In your contact list, simply type in "ICE" followed by the person you have chosen to be an emergency contact for you or your family. For example - ICE – Jerry.

You can enter multiple entries if you want such as ICE1 - Jerry, ICE2 - Sarah, ICE3 - Tom. Be sure to tell people that you have "ICE'd" them and what information you expect them to pass on to authorities.

Reaching an emergency contact for lifesaving information (allergies, medication, pre-existing conditions, etc.) can be critical. Tell your family and friends about the importance of ICE.

Last Updated 5/2009